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Flaiano Prize

International Ennio Flaiano Prize for Literature, Theater, Cinema and Television

The Associazione Culturale Ennio Flaiano, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is announcing the Italianistica (Italian Studies) Award.

Flaiano Prize for Italian Studies

An international jury will award €5,000 to one or more authors selected by a team of International authors.

The publications to be submitted for consideration will be indicated by the Directors of the Italian Cultural Institutes.

The Directors may propose only one of the works published the previous year in the country where their Institute is located. The Director must send three copies of the proposal to the Premio Flaiano offices, along with a letter of presentation by email ( or by fax (+39.085.451.7909). The Jury may also consider other publications submitted by its constituents.


The Jury, chaired by Jacqueline Risset, comprises Italian and foreign experts. It meets in Rome within the offices of the Directorate General for the Promotion of Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to announce the winners for the Narrative and Italian Studies divisions.

Presentation of Awards

The prizes will be presented at an award ceremony at the Teatro Monumentale ‘Gabriele d’Annunzio’ in Pescara.

Winners of the previous editions

Associazione Culturale Ennio Flaiano

Address: Piazza Alessandrini, 34 - 65127 Pescara (IT)
Phone: +39.085.451.7898/451.0812
Fax: +39.085.451.7909


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